Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some Dreams are Made of These

Three Pakistani women were discussing about their sexual fantasies.

The first one said,' my most erotic fantasy is to have sex in the White House with the president of USA because all that power in the room where all important decisions are taken really turns me on.

The second woman said, 'for me the most erotic sexual turn on would be to have sex with two big well muscled black men at the same time.

The third one thought for a while and then said, 'for me the most erotic fantasy would be to have my brother fielding at third slips during a Pakistan - India match at Lahore . India has only one wicket in hand, needs 4runs to win on the last ball, Sachin Tendulkar gets an outer edge to the ball which goes straight to my brothers hands and he drops it for a four and all the hundred thousand fans at the stadium, get up and yell...'ISKEE BEHEN KO CHODOOOO...