Monday, August 27, 2007

Something Awful Forum Goons Recreate Many Famous Movie Posters In The Classy Tradition Of Grindhouse Cinema

A dashing gentleman known as spacemountain got things started with this awesome image.

There's no going back for Thackery Lambshead now.

blairerickson promised me he would lose some weight if I posted this.

Murder McMurderson is ready to have a good time, ladies.

SailorBob felt a special connection to this movie, himself being a child of man.

The answer to spacemountain's question was the feel good movie moment of 2000.

spacemountain certainly makes me feel bad for having seen this film.

Piney stole the lines "Espionage! Manipulation! Sex!" from my business card.

blairerickson used to ghostwrite rhymes for Cam'ron until Cam found out he was just stealing lyrics from Jefferson Starship songs.

The New Zero has me totally pumped to see this movie.

LOO sums up Seattle in general pretty well here.

occamsmonkey is a rough approximation of a man held together by deception and glue.

Bolt Vanderhuge borrowed these colors from a dead hooker.

Like Jikes, I believe the best movies are about rival magicians.

Sunny Sixkiller wiped the sweat from his furled brow knowing he had done right by his people.

Lump Sum dropped his wallet in the toilet and had to ask for a new library card, and for some reason he told the librarian that it was because he dropped his wallet in the toilet, then as he was leaving he thought, "why in the world did I tell her? "

spacemountain continues to bring ample qualities of funk and noise (the good kind).

ass cobra spent $7.75 clawing this out of the claw game.

With a name like ass cobra you're guaranteed a good time.

zee is zae smells like a fresh potato harvest.

crosshatch is going to hillbilly hell when he dies.

I'd say it's wishful thinking on spacemountain's part.

Text "hot beetz" to 72328 and absolutely nothing will happen. Here is a blairerickson image to make up for things.

Extra_Thumbs was recently busted for bein 2hot2trot.

There was a sale on "Madness, Mayhem, and Murder" this week, and BrandNewHero bought his fair share.

CapnPyro doesn't remember making this! Hah hah, humor!

Say Howard Beale's name three times and you will probably look pretty silly.

eightcell came uninvited and left unsung.

Reverend Cheddar single handedly filled our rape, incest, and jazz joke quotas for the week.

Sunny Sixkiller turns an arthouse classic to a sleazy murderfest.

Contrary to popular belief, this zee is zae poster is actually for the movie version of "ALF."

ass cobra makes this movie sound a lot more exciting than I remember it being.

JediTalentAgent wrote a novel and turned it into an image.

bunky takes us to a terrifying realm of cat-dog alliances.

Are you kidding? noapparentfunction grew up in a Safeway!

hobo_bait tried too hard and got so far, but in the end it didn't even matter.

Meager though this offering may be, it is the best Pyrocy could muster.

propunker doesn't have time for proper spelling so he can go sit at the kid's table.

If only this movie was as psychotic as Trapezoid makes it sound.

Tronno took a summer job as a camp counselor to rent the space below.

The New Zero, more like THE OLD ZERO.

Metro Pete has your weather and traffic every morning on the ones.

unzercharlie used his slickified big city know-how to make this.

And finally, let's wrap it up with another spacemountain image that could easily be a real poster.

That's it for this week! Big props to spacemountain and the Something Awful Forum Goons for doing something really cool and slightly different. Like busy bees they made a ton of images, probably twice as many as seen here. Also thanks to David Thorpe for ghost writing a few comments. Merry Cinco de Mayo and see you next week!

- Josh "Livestock" Boruff