Monday, August 27, 2007

Something Awful Forum Goons Giving The Grindhouse Treatment To Breakfast Cereals

Your Father worked very hard on this, so the least you could do is not scream all the damn time.
Frankly I don't know what amplexus has to do with this wren cereal.
neckbeard cashed in his reputation as a world class falconer to make this.
DILLIGAF eats drug abuse and teenage delinquency for breakfast.

Alfredo Pangea picked this image up in a dimly lit dive bar.
SUDDENLY a million filters cried out in unison.
Alfredo Pangea used mass hypnosis to make us all believe one of his pictures is right below:

Here comes Bodnoirbabe in his creepy van full of candy!
digger_smolkin certainly is a horrible person.
Xcelsior2000 learned to make images like these from skipping school and hanging out back behind the arcade smoking.
I moved this Rowsdourmobile picture to the top of my friend's list.

Livestock is the world's biggest jerk.
You all doubted The Power of Heart, but look what it has brought you.
DILLIGAF spends hours staring at his cereal like some kind of horrible mutant.
DILLIGAF's horrible ex even claimed half this box of cereal.

digger_smolkin needed to cool down after all these hot breakfast cereals.
Gutter Monkey spends most of his breakfast a-hootin' and a-hollerin'.
Hybrination delivers some quality work right here I tell you what.