Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Patalpani Accident, Indore,Central India

(Three members of a family were drowned as flash flood caused a sudden flow of water in the famous Patalpani waterfall near Indore.
Patalpani waterfall is a famous picnic spot near Indore, and the Rathi family members, who had gone there to enjoy a quiet Sunday, had no inkling of a disaster awaiting them.
The water current caught all the five people three of them Chhavi, Chandrashekhar, Mudita downed and died, while local people rescued Mudita's brother and another youth.The video was taken by a local tourist Gaurav Patidar.
This video is not for any popularity of my channel or publicity. This video teaches us sometimes extra-bravery or disobeying caution/rules can cause this type of horrible accidents.)