Friday, August 31, 2007

Thousands of people join new Facebook group to help reunite woman with digital camera she apparently lost. When you see the pics of her, you'll join too

Last updated at 14:39pm on 31st August 2007
A quick look at the new Facebook group: "Help us re-unite this lass with her camera" might leave you thinking it is a philanthopic gesture about lost property.
But closer inspection reveals exactly why the men who found the camera are quite so keen to make contact with its owner.
Because it contains several pictures of the girl - who just happens to be extremely easy on the eye and wearing very little clothing.
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The girl appears to like taking pictures of herself in the mirror
The creator of the group on the social networking site, Craig Radford, has thoughfully posted the pictures in a bid to find the stunner - much to everyone else's viewing pleasure.
In one, the blonde-haired beauty looks coquettishly over her shoulder in only a pair of French knickers and some black high-heels as she takes a picture of herself in the mirror.
Another, again of her taking a picture of herself, shows her wearing pink satin and black underwear while a third shows her in a shocking pink bra and polka dot pants.
A different set of pictures show her and a friend - another blonde bombshell - lounging on the beach in their bikinis.

The stunner poses on the beach in her bikini
Membership figures for the group are already fast approaching the 20,000 mark.
The site states: "We are trying to track down the lovely lass in these photos so she can be reunited with her lost Digital Camera & we want that as she certainly knows how to use it!!
"Please get invites sent out to all gents in ur friends list as if we all work 2gether we can hunt this lass down..."
Ben Hutchings simply writes: "Blimey" while Steve Roberts from Leeds says: "We need to make contact with this fitty and get her to take a couple more photo's to prove her real identity!!! Then I dont mind doing the hard task of taking the camera back to her."

The blonde delivers another pout for the camera
Valentin Pomfret said: "This must be a digital touch up, she's amazing, i've seen some things in my time but that takes the biscuit. Kick Nelson off and put her on the column (no pun intended)."