Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"People are perfectly happy to post these sorts of pictures because they recognise that alcohol-related embarrassment will actually improve...

...their social standing.

The ladettes who glorify their shameful drunken antics on Facebook | the Daily Mail: "Drunkenly dancing on tables or collapsing in the street used to be a source of acute embarrassment for young women the morning after the night before. Today, they are more likely to boast about it - to the world, with pictures - on social networking sites.

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The ladette effect puts 40% more children in rehab for alcohol abuse More than 150,000 girls have signed up to Facebook's online forum '30 Reasons Girls Should Call It A Night', where they openly discuss the various states of inebriation - and undress - they have found themselves in.
Among those included in nearly 5,000 images which have been posted on the website is young blonde Jennifer Rentfrow, who was caught kneeling over a toilet after a night out. Other images show friends Claire Munday and Zoe Bates sleeping on a dancefloor, while Ashley Spellmeyer is shown sleeping in the bath. Other young women can be seen being sick on themselves, falling into bushes, answering a call of nature in public or inadvertently exposing themselves. The site is named after 30 tell-tale signs that it "