Monday, May 31, 2010

Sounds like something out of a wildlife documentary.

1993: VW Daisy BugImage by define23 via Flickr

Freshman year of college me and two friends are drunk and just got back to the dorm rooms. The two friends are in that "talking" stage where after a month of bullshit you get to date and fuck each other and change your facebook relationship status. Anyway, we're in the bedroom when the girl comes back from the bathroom and the guy says "Why are you such a bitch, I don't want you to be my girlfriend, fuck you!" etc etc. I think he's joking because he doesn't really sound mad, more sarcastic and the girl is laughing, but we're drunk so whatever. The girl walks closer to him, and then he gets out of the bed, kicks her and then punches, like real kicks & punches not play fighting and she falls on the floor crying.
Now, at this point, I've been lifting weights for about 5 years can bench 350 lbs, yada yada. My friend who just hit this girl goes to the gym with me sometimes and usually does about 1/3 of the weight and reps that I do. To sum it up, in high school, he played tennis and I played football.
As he pulls back to throw another punch I walk up behind him, grab his arm and throw him across the room (he's literally airborne and travels about ~5 feet since it's a tiny college dorm) where he hits his head on the wall and lands on the bed.
After a few moments he was knocked out unconscious with a black eye, busted lip, broken nose, and bruises in places he didn't know he had.
Afterwards, I took the girl to her room to console her and proceeded to fuck her doggy style on her bed.
The next day he tried to apologize, but I just ignored him.