Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Shit, I Tell You.

BeneathImage by aussiegall via Flickr
Index Corporation announced that its cellphone ringtone site Sokuho Music Search (Sokuho = breaking news) provides a new version of ringtone collections "Hana Sukkiri Melody" (Hana Sukkiri = cleared up nostril).

"The ringtone will make a nose has resonant frequency with pollens adherent inside your nasal cavity, so eventually pollens fall down. "

Improved from the first version released in 2004, this new one has 27 variations of frequency from 420Hz to 1070Hz, one of which should fit your chamber size. You may access the download site with your Japanese cellphone by taking this QR code.

In spring Japan, there are many people suffered by pollen allergy of Japanese cedars, which were planted in the mountains around Japan after the war to expect its rapid growth, then neglected by decay of timber industry. {Via}