Saturday, January 4, 2014

Legendary street artist Blek Le Rat. Without Blek, there would be no Banksy.

Everybody has their own culture made up of what we have seen, learned, and loved in our lives. Some of us
carry the burden of one’s culture, others don’t … we need food to live, just as we need culture to develop ourselves.
I was educated by people who had received an education from the 19th century. My father was born in 1914 and my grandfather in 1880. So, my life was shaped by the culture and events of two different centuries. In my grandparents time, in the early 20th century, only a few people had access to culture. Culture was their destiny. They would write books, play music or do some acting for the educated elite.

Culture for the masses appeared with the arrival of the cinema. It opened the doors for the least-favoured because it was affordable. Almost everybody has the means to go to the movies. The democratisation of culture became even stronger when music was accessible to all, first in the US and later in Europe in the 1950s. I think the phenomenon of Street Art is a good thing, along with the internet which is a great tool for artists to make their own propaganda. It is just perfect for artists because every artist’s desire is to be seen by the whole world. The internet is the biggest cultural vector and radically ahead of the other media.

We are at a turning point of cultural diffusion. {Via}