Friday, March 9, 2012

This inspires me to go pick up some scrap and make art.

Godspeed Furniture launched in 2008 in Tel Aviv by Finn Ahlgren, (Sweden) and Joy van Erven (Holland) who met at a bar in the Holy Land. Coincidentally, they started building bars and interiors, using very badly decayed scrap wood found on the street and put an added challenge of making the piece within a one hour time frame. Because of this self imposed limitation,  they had to eliminate sketching before creating, which resulted in their very specific and unique "live sketching"; a process which brings "randomness and improvisation" to their work.

You can get a lot of things in a little under an hour. A pizza. A haircut. How about a chair? The designers at Godspeed have condensed the often agonizingly long development phase of industrial design into 60 short minutes: Each piece is concepted and manufactured in one hour. {Read on}