Thursday, March 22, 2012

A former Duke of Marlborough apparently rang for the Butler to change television channels.

If you are friendly, discreet and looking for a job, the Queen would like to hear from you.
She is advertising for a trainee  butler to deliver breakfast trays to members of the Royal Family.
The successful applicant will work at Buckingham Palace as well as Balmoral, Windsor and Sandringham, earning £15,000 a year for a 45-hour week.
The trainee will be required to 'collect and deliver tea/coffee trays, breakfast trays and newspapers for Royal and Household purposes in an efficient  and discreet manner' and be responsible for helping to set, serve and clear royal meals.
Candidates should possess a 'friendly, polite and approachable disposition' with the ability to be 'discreet and maintain confidentiality'.
The post is being advertised on the Queen's website and shows that despite the progressive nature of the royal household - employees are encouraged to train for a City and Guilds diploma in butlering - Victorian standards of service remain.
Trainee butlers are the most junior employees of the department known as G (for general) Branch.
Their salaries are notoriously low but food, board and benefits are generous and many applicants are willing to take on the position for the kudos of working at the Palace.
Former royal butlers with the right pedigree and long service can command up to £100,000 a year in the private sector.
The Palace is an equal opportunities employer and is open to applications from EU nationals, although they must have a good command of English.
The post is a bit of a catch-all and as well as their duties regarding royal dining, trainee butlers are responsible for the valeting of guests and other, more senior, members of the royal household, ensuring that clothes and uniforms are cared for 'to the highest standards'.{Read on}