Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Dear Father William Wallace, I greet you in Jesus name. It is just to inform you that I had sent information to you with the picture of myself having the fish in one hand, wine bottle in another hand and bread on my head. Did you receive it ? I sent it to you on 21st January. I have been looking forward to receive your kind e-mail. I am praying to God to strengthen you all the way to help me.Sincerely your humble servent, Pastor. K.Prabhakara Rao"


From: Father Dean Martin 
To: Pastor Kothapalli Prabhakara Rao 

Dear Pastor Rao,

My humble apologies for this extremely late reply to your email below. I am afraid I have some very sad news to report to you. Sadly father Wallace was killed in a tragic accident last week, and unfortunately we have had to put all other matters to one side until this tragic matter was investigated and father Wallace laid to rest.

I will contact you again very shortly in regards to your donation payment.


Father Dean Martin. The Holy Church of Fish, Bread and Wine.