Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Normally, you need an army to change the course of history. But the ordinary people can also rise up in revolution. And I think the Internet can speed up the rate of social progress and help make history." ~ Red Uncle

"Go, go, go! Forge on ahead.

"The awakened lion is roaring.

"It will smash corruption, and bury the dictatorship.

"Mighty Egypt has no room for clowns.

"With no equality or human rights, these are the roots of poverty.

"May democracy shine on the Nile.

"Its people are no longer sheep."
This is a song ostensibly in praise of the Egyptian Revolution, written and tuned to music by two Chinese, one of whom goes by the name Li Lei, alias Red Uncle and the other by the name Snowman. This song, which started spreading fast among the Netizens community of China, on February 17 has since been blacked out by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, which is responsible for internal security. {Via Outlook}