Monday, February 28, 2011

It happens often in India.

Unedited rant from Deccan Herald

RELEVANT NOTESHEETS AATMA KATHA: My name is Note Sheet. I come in difft.colours; dark and light green, cream, white; My normal birthsize is foolscap; however I am mercilessly knifed or bladed into A4 size also by vested interests for smartly cleverly rewriting certain things correctly recorded by mistake; or small rewritten same colour paper strips are also forcibly pasted on me.. Due to me many also get fatally knifed or injured in various resultant disputes. Thousands of Scientists, Technocrats, Chartered Cost Accountants, Babus, Geophycists, Doctorates, Police Stations, State Govts, Housing Boards etc regularly use me for various purposes,some bonafide,some malafide. CVC, CBI, Lokatuktas, Police Stations, Railways, Steel Plants,Coal Planrs, PSUs, Govt.Depts etc are my large scale patrons. My residence is lakhs of files in Ministries, PSUs, Govt.Depts , Courts, Railways etc besides their stationery rooms; Supreme Court, High Courts, Departments of Space, Telecom, Maharashtra Govt. Gujarat Govt, Courts . etc have made very substantial use of me and they are closely perusing my very large families in all these cases in the depts., in courts etc and heated arguments also go on there what my contents actually mean; difft.fellows drawing difft.meanings depending upon the suitcase or briefcase sizes they got; many entries, notings, stats etc. on my front and rear sids are mostly not with my free will and consent. I am like a prostitute; any fellow can use me, misuse me in any manner he, she likes; I am helpless; I keep on moving from Dept. to Dept. They neglect my maintenance; they dont keep me neat and clean; dont bother to dust me also. Fate of big and small contractors and lakhs of employees promotions, transfers, recruitments, upgradations etc hangs on me; I feel very bad when another notesheet gets pasted on me fully or partly very roughly by corrupt fellows; they used to do it on a large scale in U.P.,Bihar. Truckloads of papers were sighted often in the famous Bihar Chaara Ghotaala Cases. Now vanfuls of papers seen in latest ghotaalaa versions like 2G spectrum, CWG games contracts and payments goalmaals, Isro S Band deals,, Adarsh Society Bldg.Case. Subramanya Swami letters and its fallouts and various other mega scams consuming precious time , labour and money of the supreme court and a few high courts.But in the Nitish Bihar today I am given more respect and these things dont happen much. I am mercilessly torn also and replaced again whimsically by vested interests .in so many towns, metros,villages, courts, store rooms etc. At times I have breathing pblms also since vested interests deliberately and intentionally dump me below kilos of some other files, so as to be not easily traceable.. Wades of crisp new currecy notes exchange hands beforehand. For misplacing me or for my retrievals. Depends. Crores of pensioners cases also made or unmade through me; they had to use me for payment of thousands of crores towards arrears payments in banks, insurance companies, railways etc. It is the Notesheets from North Block and South Block which are throttling the courts backbones also, through denial of reqd.funds for recruitment of addl.judges, creation of suitable infrastructure etc. Day in and day out I am used in various ways; many curse me, some bless me. Life after all is experience of mixed bag for all things living or stationary. One good use they can make of me is for the CMs and Ministers to declare that he or she hereby shuns all his, her discretionary powers, authority incldg. in land allotments matters. Most unfortunately no male, female CM, Minister has come forward upto now to make my use in such an appreciable emulable manner to be a role model. . Hope in coming days at least they would do so. With effect from 1st March at least.