Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Indian woman dies at airport: MEA official to visit Muscat."

The News Story

Let me tell you guys a little fucking story about how shitty Indian Embassy staff are in the fucking middle east. I live in one of the GCC countries and my sister is a Malaysian passport holder (im indian).

She had gone to the embassy to hand in some forms to apply for a visa. The guy working the help desk looks at the forms and the first thing he says is 'Dont you have brains?'

Thats the fucking help desk btw. He goes off on how she didnt sign a form that was a declaration that she would do a check for AIDS if she stayed in India for over a year. She responded with, 'But im only going for a week.' He goes off on her, calling her stupid, asking where her brains are. My sister was applying for a visa for her british husband as well. When this staff member realizes that her fiance is not actually white but rather a naturalized UK citizen, he fucking crosses off the guys nationality from the application and writes in the country his parents are sister had to insist that they correct it for that to be changed.

Then they refused her fiance's visa because 'we're not giving out 6 month multiple entry visas right now'...and then they issued my sister a 6 month multiple entry visa. The guy then goes on to say 'I know your father..yah I know him REALLY well' and then grabs a form and says 'Can you prove he is your father??'. WTF IS HE ON ABOUT?!

The passport copies, ID copies etc. arent enough and this guy keeps going off at my sister being the rudest bastard on the planet.
My dad hears the whole story and calls the ambassador. The ambassador calls my sister up and basically goes, 'Well you know it is a busy know how indian people are.....he is malayalee after all..'. Excuse ambassador, are you fucking serious?? We are fairly close with the ambassador and maybe that is why she felt she didnt need to be diplomatic but dont call and then try and justify why your staff are fucking assholes. 

Apparently the ambassadors know they cant change how fucking useless their staff are (because embassy staff are govt. employeees of the embassy country and have mad unions and stuff), so the ambassador just keeps a low profile.
When I heard this story I pretty much wanted to kill the guy because he properly shouted at my sister from behind the help desk, questioned her intelligence, asked her to prove that she is in fact our fathers daughter despite the evidence, purposefully ignored information about her fiance...and im sure im forgetting even more garbage this guy did.
I am indian but I never really lived in India. All I know is that almost every indian I meet in the GCC is a bastard to some degree (in the workforce I mean). Fuck, I was just talking to my parents about a trip they had come back from and my dad says, ' Yeah in Thailand there are tooonnnnsss of indians because they dont need a visa so they flock there. And everyone hates them because they are rude, crude and just a nuisance' i.e. staring at bitches on the beach, getting too drunk, being rude to shopkeepers and staff everywhere.
I fucking hate my people bad because they just dont give a goddamn about anything. Malayalis especially are some of the most arrogant obnoxious fucks and that's why we've caught so much fucking flak from countries that have been exposed to us.
I feel so bad for this woman that died, but I can guarantee you that no one at the embassy gives a flying fuck. They dont work to serve their countries citizens; no, you need THEM so you had better worship and cherish everything they fucking do for you. And if your asking for too much, well fuck off...