Sunday, August 1, 2010

I am an Indian-American and my mom always told me to be proud of my culture...

...She told me this to since I grew up in white Orange County, CA. When I went to college, however, I befriended many Indians expecting to find like-minded individuals with contemporary mindsets. All I found, however, were wanna-be players and real douchebags who bragged about the money they didn't have, the girls they never hooked up with, and the parties they went to last weekend/are going to go next weekend.
All I found was that they embodied the chauvinistic, materialistic, and exclusionary attitude which has led to the corruption and caste system in our home country. It disgusts me every day to have to deal with the stereotypes created by these imbeciles.

I'm a Chinese (born in china, pure blood) but spent most of my life outside of China. I recently went back (I'm there right now, actually) to visit the World Expo in Shanghai.
After spending some time here, I must say, Chinese people are mostly loud, obnoxious, impatient, and disrespectful people. I mean, it's easy to see why - there's so many people here, if you don't assert yourself, you won't get noticed, but honestly, I felt ashamed of my own people.
Sit in a Chinese restaurant and you'll see, our people will talk loudly over everyone else with no regard to who is listening. They will openly talk about bad service with the server standing right behind them and insult them right there.
Stand in the line at the World expo, and you'll see, people packed into the line, everyone pushing against and past another with no sense of courtesy or personal space, just to get to the expo a little sooner.
I was in the Japan Expo, (semi-spoiler alert for anyone planning on going there) there is a little girl, probably 10 years old, singing and performing for the crowd. The audience was clearly asked not to take pictures, yet everyone with a camera were taking flash photography of the little girl. Some people, including the one sitting right next to me, had the nerve to answer a phone call, not to whisper and finish quickly but talk loudly and continue through the entire performance. I'm a music major, and performer myself, and this bugs the hell out of me. There is a little 10-year-old girl trying her best to perform for you, probably nervous as hell, and you want to make her even more nervous by distracting her with a constant stream of flash photography. You even have the nerve to try to talk over the little girl, and disrespect her by answering your phone.
I'm quite disappointed in my people and our society.
Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait for the education to finally teach my people some etiquette.
Try being black. I absolutely loathe everything about mainstream black culture in America.
I'm fully prepared for the obligatory liberal comments from an enlightened white person who read a Tim Wise book here, but this needs to be said: Values and ethics in black society are severely lacking, largely due to crappy parents and the people who enable them.
For the record, I grew up in the hood, moved to the suburbs after my father bailed at age 8.
Anti-intellectualism is absolutely rampant in the culture. I can't count the times I cried in elementary school when I was picked on for being "white." My name to most other black kids was "Oreo", "Steve Urkel", or another racially charged pejorative indicating my "whiteness".
Even though I'm studying at a university, I'm still surrounded by this same cast of characters, since most black people at the school (< 2.5% of the school's population) are there as athletes in basketball or football. I've nearly exploded with rage when people have asked "what sport do you play?" rather than "what are you studying?"
I've pretty much separated myself from black culture. I tried the school's Black Student Union group for one day, but I honestly couldn't stand it. Suffice it to say, the students were loud, vulgar, and had far different interests than I did. Maybe moving to the suburbs turned me into an asshole, but I just can't relate anymore.