Friday, August 20, 2010

Better be Shoving Along, Sam.

Man on monkey bars
This happened to my roomate last year who goes fishing in Alaska in the summer. Lets call this friend Sam.
So, Sam is working on the fishing boat, he's about 18 at the time and one of the guys he works with is 45 or something. They're talking and stuff, and this older guy says that he has a daughter around Sam's age and he should take her out sometime. Now Sam, being a nice guy, goes along with this says it should be a great time.
Fast forward to the date, Sam drives over to her place in his truck. She still lives with her parents, which is understandable at 18. He gets out and knocks on the door to her house, and the dad says she's almost ready and she'll be right down. A minute later, she rolls up in a wheel chair. Now Sam is a nice guy, and while the wheelchair was a little surprising, he's fine with it. They walk to his truck, he helps her into the car, and he puts the wheelchair in the back of the truck.
They go out for dinner, knowing Sam he probably had a steak and a side of potatos, and they both have a really good time. Sam pays for dinner and they leave. He puts her back in the car and they get going again. While they're driving back to her place, she suggests on going on a stroll through the park and so they do. They're moseying along, talking a bit, getting to know each other when they find a playground. The girl stops rolling and asks Sam to pick her up and let her hang from the monkey bars, y'know, so she can get off her ass because sitting all day kind of sucks. They continue to talk, and there is a lull in the conversation, and out of the blue, the girl says.
"Sam, you should fuck me."
And Sam, being a gentleman, fucks this girl on the monkey bars.
They finish up, she gets back into the wheelchair and they continue back to the truck. He packs her up and drives her home, and just when he's leaving her front door, her dad calls Sam to thank him and offered to pay for dinner. Sam says "No, I had a great time don't worry about it."
But her dad responds, "No, really Sam, let me pay for dinner."
This annoys Sam a bit, he had a great time and he really doesn't mind taking this girl out. He declines the money and is about to leave, when the dad says.
"Sam, you don't understand, most guys leave her on the monkey bars."