Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looks like you accidentally used a black highlighter there.

Hereby designated Specimen 8a3, it is a small example of an object classified as NSFW-302 under the █████████ Multi Level Catalog. Specimen 8a3 is a small 102x232 image retrieved from the browser cache of support personnel 821311 during the investigation that ensued after 821311's desiccated body was found in sub level B32.
Specimen 8a3 is known to induce violent bleeding in most test subjects from several orifices, most notably the eye sockets. In addition, some individuals may be compelled to perform acts of ████████, wherein pieces of clothing are ███████ and other bodily fluids forcibly ██████ █████. In all cases where the viewing time was enough for cognitive registration, subjects are either killed instantly due to trauma and/or excessive blood loss or otherwise reduced to a permanent vegetative state.
The nature of psychological hazard posed by Specimen 8a3 makes analysis difficult. Copies of the image exhibit the same properties. Color shifting and other image distortion methods prove ineffective in mitigating its effects. Based on data acquired from fragments of the image, Specimen 8a3 is known to be mostly flesh toned although some, generally from the central region of 8a3 have more reddish hues. There is also what appears to be a human ██████ in one of the fragments, awaiting the results of further analysis for confirmation. Histogram data from multiple instances indicate the image may be polymorphic as well.
Specimen 8a3 is currently protected by multi-factor encryption and stored in a ███████ thumb drive physically secured in Facility ████. Based on the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the specimen, it is highly likely that copies are still floating around the internet, although there have been no further reports of cases matching the effects of Specimen 8a3. The Foundation has enacted Protocol ███ in an effort to catch a copy in the wild, and proxy servers have been installed in major office buildings around the world that will attempt to recognize 8a3, but success is limited by the polymorphic nature of the subject.