Monday, July 19, 2010

Know your Pet: A squirrel

SquirrelImage via Wikipedia
A couple bought themselves a squirrel pet. One night they went out for dinner and locked the squirrel in the closet. 

Later that night a thief broke into their house. The thief was in the process of stealing the couple's valuables when he heard the couple's car arriving home. The thief then immediately hid in the closet. The owners came into the house, and went straight to bed. 

But in the middle of the night they were awoken by a scream. The husband opened the closet to see the thief squirming on the floor. The husband immediately bound the thief tightly with some rope and asked what made him yell so loud.

The thief replied in pain, "When your fucking squirrel took my ass for a hollow in a tree -I held out then it took my balls for nuts I gritted my teeth, but when it decided to carry the nuts into the hollow I cracked up."