Friday, May 7, 2010

Sounds like the biggest fuckin cherry in a Dumb Dumb Salad.

115.365 - Porn for Women: VacuumingImage by Jeff the Trojan via Flickr

A white American couple had a black baby and pregnant wife says that watching a porn movie 3D. The child's father, the soldier Erick Jhonson, was serving a year at a military base in Iraq, and when he returned home he found a black baby. His wife, Jennifer Stweart, 38, told him that the child was conceived while she was watching a porn film in three dimensions.
"I see it as suspicious. The films in 3-D are very real." With today's technology anything is possible, "said Erick, who recorded the child.
Jennifer said she was a porn film with her friends in New York. She says she does not usually watch porn movies and that was only this time to see how the effects were in 3D. The child, she says, looks like the black actor in the movie. "A month after watching the movie I started feeling dizzy and the result is there. I'll process the film and the producers. Even though my husband believed in me. My marriage could be at risk. But he knows I'm faithful" he said.