Saturday, May 29, 2010

"If there's grass on the wicket... she's old enough in her pants!"

Panurge Press was run by Esar Levine, who served time in prison for selling obscene books in 1926. He is today best known for his efforts representing the writer Frank Harris, who was also a victim of censorship. Today, the Esar Levine papers and correspondence with Frank Harris are deposited at the Princeton University Library Manuscripts Division. The books Levine published were small editions with print runs of some 2000 at most. More information on the publisher is included in the highly recommended Bookleggers and Smuthounds book written by Jay Gertzman (shown below). Purient Panurge publications included the following:

• A Strange Love: A Novel of Abnormal Passion by Georges Eekhoud • The Erotic History of France by Henry L. Marchand • The Sotadic Zone by Sir Richard Burton • Black Lust by Jean de Villiot • Chastity Belts by Esar Levine • Eunuchs, Odalisques and Love by Nicholas Fromaget • Madame Sex by Dr. Isaac Goldberg • The Gods of Generation by J.-A. Dulaure • Erotic Fairy Tales by the Abbe de Voisenon • The Arabian Art of Loveby Carlisle E. Viman • The Merry Nights of Straparola Bestiality: An Historical, Medical, Legal and Literary Study by Gaston Dubois-Dessaule • Les vies des dames galantes