Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Class Act

Hello, Boomer. I'm Fishgrease. I'm known, mostly, for my comments on any number of diaries about the recent Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak/Volcano/Apocalypse. Before that, I was known here at DKos for writing bland, confusing, useless, sometimes insulting diaries. Look at my UID number. I've been here a long fucking time and I've never had a diary on the rec list. Which is fine with me because I hate writing diaries. If this one makes the rec list, I might write another. But I doubt it. I'm a much better commenter than a diarist and I'm not that great a commenter.
"Where's Fishgrease when you need him?"
-- Janeane Garofalo
She really said that. And she meant me. Ask her.
Anyway, follow me after the bump and I'll conduct Daily Kos's first-ever Oil Spill Booming School. {Read on}