Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Internet made me a worse retard than I already was.

Early CarabinieriImage via Wikipedia

A member of the Carabinieri comes across a penguin wandering around lost and decides to call HQ for instructions. "Take it to the zoo!" comes the reply. The next day, the Carabinieri again calls HQ, asking, "What should I do today? Take it to the movies?"


Q: Why do carabinieri go round in pairs?

A: Because one can read and one can write.

(A third carabiniere might be necessary "to control the other two dangerous intellectuals".)

Two carabinieri go out in search for prostitutes. They go and knock on the door to a brothel, and the woman in charge opens the peep hole to see who is there. She says, "What do you want?" They say that they want to hire a woman and she asks them if they have any money. The first one says that he has five euro and the second one has three. The woman in charge laughs and tells them to go fuck themselves.

The carabinieri leave, and after one half hour return to the brothel and knock on the door. The woman in charge opens the peep hole in the door and says, "You again, what do you want?"

The carabinieri respond in unison, "We came back to pay."