Saturday, April 3, 2010

If the image takes forever to load; kindly shiver with anticipation!

Like ENNUI, British Colonial Traveller (with two "L's" - it was a copyright issue as not to confuse people with British Traveler, the newsweekly) was designed to help people of the Empire plan their travels abraod.  However unlike ENNUI - which focused on the leasure class, British Colonial Traveller focused on the more rambunctious parts of the empire and safari's and the like.  While mortal peril was a constant for the highly civilized Englishman and his brethern, Traveller tried to bridge the cultural gaps that would otherwise leave a gentleman at a loss on where to get high tea in Rangoon, a proper Prostitute in Tibet or a decent meal in Dublin, Ireland. Should any of these instances present itself and language a barrier existed (Ireland, for example), the periodical provided helpful phrases such as "DO YOU HAVE ANY FOOD FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION?" and "DOES YOUR LOT WASH AFTER USING THE LOO?"