Saturday, September 19, 2009

Talking Dirty with Baseball.

ARLINGTON, TX - MAY 06:  A sign with the curre...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

* Single - Getting a french kiss
* Double - Getting to touch her supple breasts
* Triple - Inserting your finger into her pussy, or receiving a hand job
* Inside the park home run - Receiving oral sex
* Home Run - Getting laid
* Grand Slam - Group sex
* Bunt - Getting a kiss on the cheek or a plain kiss
* Sacrifice fly/bunt - Your friend scores while you entertain the asexual "friend" of the girl with whom he's scoring
* Strikeout - Leaning in for a kiss and coming up with nothing
* Hit by pitch - Being kissed by someone you don't want to be kissed by, or kissing someone who obviously didn't want you to
* Walk - You get a hug
* Double play - You and your friend both fail to make it
* Balk - Going too far while making out, thus ending in her refusing to make out with you anymore
* Pinch hitting - stealing the potential mate of a drunk/passed out/absent friend
* Save - Managing to make out with a girl even after embarrasing yourself in front of her earlier
* Extra Innings - Having more than one sexual encounter in a night
* Stealing a base - Managing to get to a certain base only because she was drunk
* Stealing home - You rapist, you
* Foul Ball - Blue balls
* Rain Delay - Not getting laid because she is on her period
* On Deck - You are on a date, but not currently making it
* Batting Practice - For you fools who feel the need to rehearse in front of the mirror
* Buying a Stadium Hot Dog or Beer - Getting screwed
* Pulling a Sammy Sosa - the use of unnatural substances to improve your play (cork in bats, viagra, spit ball