Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I’m looking for a rich old man but my sister Elisangela, 31, would prefer someone younger.


COLORS #68 : AMAZON. Forro Nightclub, Rondônia.
"There's a story that during World War II Manaus hosted several foreign military bases. The story goes that when the bases organized big parties with live music they hung a sign outside saying "For All" to invite everyone. Forr– is also the name of a popular rhythm from the Northeast, and scholars say the name is of African origin. But thanks to the servicemen it's also a word that means "dance party". Almost all the songs are about love, so if you don't arrive with a partner you need to find one. "To find a partner, wear tight trousers or a very short skirt and a top that doesn't leave much to the imagination," says Juce, 21, from Manaus.