Saturday, December 8, 2007

Someday, there will be no shame and no hesitation in calling Bush a lying bastard

* March 31: "Iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon..."

* June 5: Iran's "pursuit of nuclear weapons..."

* June 19: "consequences to the Iranian government if they continue to pursue a nuclear weapon..."

* July 12: "the same regime in Iran that is pursuing nuclear weapons..."

* Aug. 6: "this is a government that has proclaimed its desire to build a nuclear weapon..."

* Aug. 9: "They have expressed their desire to be able to enrich uranium, which we believe is a step toward having a nuclear weapons program..."

* Aug. 28: "Iran's active pursuit of technology that could lead to nuclear weapons..."

*Oct. 4: "you should not have the know-how on how to make a (nuclear) weapon..."

*Oct. 17: "until they suspend and/or make it clear that they, that their statements aren't real, yeah, I believe they want to have the **capacity**, the **knowledge**, in order to make a nuclear weapon."