Sunday, November 4, 2012

BIG Bella

The Philadelphia 76ers unveil the world’s largest T-shirt cannon

Attending an NBA game is full of unique and overwhelming experiences, from noticing players not paying attention during timeouts to video-board interviews in which the team's cheerleaders discuss their favorite foods. One of the most popular bits of in-arena entertainment is the T-shirt toss, which finds mascots and hype-team members throwing or shooting very thin, oversized, sponsored T-shirts to rabid fans. It's a new tradition right up there with the Kiss Cam, giving away fast food for scoring milestones, and playing songs from "Watch the Throne" during possessions.

But couldn't the T-shirt toss be even better? The Philadelphia 76ers think so. In order to bring their fans the best T-shirt experience possible, they have just unveiled the biggest T-shirt cannon in the world. It even has a name.
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