Monday, March 19, 2012

Torches can be made out of almost anything but we are going to need a lot more pitchforks pretty soon. I really wish to ghusao a rampuri into them Motherfuckers.Shameless Bastards these Congressmen.

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat Congress today said that the Time magazine as well as the Brookings Institution's recent articles on chief minister Narendra Modi, which praised him for state's development, were "biased, partial" and which "highlight wrong facts about Gujarat". Time magazine, in its March 26 issue, published an article on the Modi, with the heading: "Modi means business", along with a strap: "But can he lead India?".
"I am deeply distressed by two recent articles on Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. One is by Time magazine and the other is by Brookings Institution. Journalism or reporting is supposed to be balanced and impartial. I am surprised why only those, who have praised Modi, have been quoted," state Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil told reporters on Saturday.
Brookings Institution also recently published an interview of Modi, praising him for the work done by his government for the development of Gujarat.
"These articles are an injustice to Gujarat and India, because they are biased, partial and highlight wrong facts about Gujarat," Gohil said.
"All those with values, all those, who respect Gujarat for it is this land that gave birth to Gandhi and Sardar Patel need to protest against it strongly," he further said.
"Modi thinks by repeating a lie, it becomes a truth. Modi's Goebellian propaganda is once again reflected through these articles," Gohil further alleged.
Taking the attack on Modi at personal level, Gohil further said, "The Time article, of course, has some correct facts and I have to acknowledge and congratulate the magazine for at least acknowledging that Narendra Modi is a married man, because, to begin with, his long strings of lies, masks and manipulation, Modi has never ever acknowledged his marriage," Gohil said.
"Modi's career began with a lie. For as we are told, the  RSS constitution clearly says that their full-time pracharaks have to be unmarried, bachelors, who can devote their life to RSS. Modi began as a RSS pracharak. And so far, has never acknowledged his marriage," Gohil said.
"Isn't journalism supposed to be balanced and impartial? Why have only people and person, who have been lavish in their praise for Modi being quoted in these piece/s. Why not a single quote from a person, who has serious concerns with Modi and his rule?" Gohil asked.
"I sincerely wish Time magazine would have checked the facts, doled out by Modi and his government. There are several factual inaccuracies in the article of Time magazine," Gohil said.
"The article says: Gujarat has progressed like never before in Modi regime and is now most industrialised state of India. Right now, Gujarat's growth rate is about 12 per cent growth. Now, in 92-93: and please remember there was no liberalisation and economic reforms at that point of time, Gujarat's growth rate was 16.75 per cent," Gohil said.
"Modi alone has been taking credit for Gujarat and its growth when Gujarat has traditionally been the growth centre of the nation. Time or Brookings should have mentioned that," Gohil said.
"India is a democracy? Can we have a dictator, who overlooks a genocide, be praised and lauded for whatever he does? But then, does a democracy adhere to the Chinese module of growth and progress? Can we condone a genocide, a mass killing of over 2,000 innocent men, women and children, can we conveniently overlook the brutal rapes of pregnant Muslim women and move on?" Gohil further asked.
"Modi may have moved on. From being an RSS pracharak to being the chief minister, from being married to disowning his wife. But then, what about the thousands of people, who have lost their families in Gujarat riots or those hundreds languishing in jails, after being nailed for rioting, because their 'Hindutava Hero' had then ordered them to do so. They cannot move on without justice," Gohil said.{Via}

Many will remember that grand 'pre-screening' scheme of Kapil Sibal to silence major Internet operators. What you should also recall is that it wasn't some Indian media outlet that broke the story, it was the New York Times. In much a similar manner the Indian media, and the Congress have  been rattled by certain media events. The disgustful conduct of the Congress over Salman Rushdie during the Jaipur Literature Festival to appease muslims received a resounding slap from the voters of UP. As if that wasn't enough Rushdie came to India over the weekend for the India Today Conclave and had the choicest words for them. "All the years of kneeling before mullahs didn't work, Rahul" said Rushdie figuratively spanking Rahul Gandhi and the Congress. It's a slap for our media too. They didn't stand up when it counted the most against a communal Congress. Well, just as NYT had exposed the sinister plans of Sibal two other articles the last week rattled the servantile Indian media; one from TIME magazine and the other from the reputed think tank of Brookings Institute. Increasingly, any misdeed of the Congress or UPA now seem to be coming out only through foreign publications while our own media mafia seem hell-bent on covering up for them.

It wasn't just any other article. It was about Narendra Modi! TIME featured Modi as a cover story andBrookings wrote a sort of two-page essay on him. Both were almost identical in their story - Modi, the most loved and loathed politician in India, an effective administrator and asked the question if he can lead India. That's it. And suddenly the Skype fell on Teesta Setalvad, Vinod Sharma, Mukul Sinha, Shaktisinh Gohil (Gujarat Congress), Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai and, of course, Arnab Goswami.

A few weeks ago during the 10th anniversary of Godhra it already appeared our media had nothing to really say and was suffering from Modi-fatigue. The lies and untruths about Modi were no more being bought by people. It was clearly 'Game over for Indian media' and as with the Sibal censorship plan it is now the foreign media that is reporting on Indian issues with a lot more balance. The same TIME is often lampooned in the US for its bad reporting on US but their world editions do report fairly on other countries. You can expect a similar behaviour from Indian journals where you will find them being more objective about Syria or Egypt but absolutely biased and untruthful when it comes to India. This is obviously because in India our media is driven by their own political agenda of serving the Congress. TIME and Brookings do not have such a compulsion.

Teesta Setalvad (who else?) naturally responded by stating it was a PR exercise by Modi. She brandished Frontline and Outlook magazines, with cover stories about Modi and Gujarat riots, as proof of TIME not being reliable. Oh yeah! Frontline and Outlook are fountainhead of honesty and fair journalism, in her dreams. TheGujarat Congress responded with: "Even Laden and Saddam Hussein were featured on TIME cover". They forgot Gandhi and Nehru were also on TIME cover so Shaktisinh Gohil and Arjun Modhvadia, Gujarat Congress leaders, may now need to ponder if Gandhi-Nehru are also in the same league as Laden and Saddam. Sagarika Ghose of CNN-IBN, the journalistic-bimbo, even suggested TIME may not help Modi escape his "Image trap". Haha! If the articles in TIME and Brookings were worthless why were these people so worked up and agitated? 'Pulitzer winner' Shobhaa De (Yes her name has two As) even asked "Who reads TIME magazine anymore... drop all the fuss about Narendra Modi, who cares"? LOL! Yes, she doesn't care that's why she had to tweet her wisdom over the issue.

The best, of course, was saved for by TimeNow. Nobody does it better than Arnab the Armpit. His pompous suggestion: "India is too big to be determined by opinions in TIME or Brookings". Nobody said TIME or Brookings were in any way the opinions of India but you can trust Arnab to see imaginary devils. And he brought the Congress spokesperson, Vinod Sharma of Hindustan Times (Yes the same guy with the DGP Rathore smirk), to set the record straight. I don't think TIME or Brookings may influence many opinions but they surely managed to rattle Vinod Sharma into a Raging Bull, who wasn't willing to let anyone else speak. What's Vinod's argument? That he would have accepted an article favouring Narendra Modi in 'The Economist' rather than TIME. After his fretting, fuming and kicking and screaming for a few minutes Vinod Sharma had to be chastised by India's Bahu, Smriti Irani. After being badgered and interrupted frequently, she had a good estimate of how Agent Vinod might be treating his staffers and had to remind him: "I am not one of your staff writers that you can snuff out... let me finish". From being a great alternative to Congress channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN Arnab has reduced TimesNow to a mere doormat of the party. Worse still, like the other two cousins TimesNow too has started quoting tweets in support of their nonsense. {Read on}