Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Camel Train Coming

Australia has the largest population of undiseased dromedary camels anywhere in the world. Now, the Australian government is proposing to slaughter the majority of them in the name of carbon control.

The camels produce an estimated one metric ton a year of greenhouse gasses, which is nothing compared to the emissions from Australia's largely coal-powered industries. Just last year, Australia was responsible for 564 million metric tons of carbon emissions. Eradicating all the camels in the Outback wouldn't even tip the scale.

The mass funding allocated towards camel extermination would be better spent sustainably reforming Australia's carbon-emitting industries.

Ultimately, the mass camel cull would be nothing more than an expensive distraction from real change. Tell the Australian Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change, Mark Dreyfus, that killing camels is no way to take true action.