Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boo - Urns !! A new kind of "family tree"

Nothing can be more satisfying than seeing the remains of your departed loved one transformed into something like tree, whose shade in the scorching summer heat not only provides you with cool shelter but also brings back the fond memories of the one who was snatched from you by the cruel hands of destiny. Honoring those sentiments, Martin Azua, a designer has developed Bios Urn made from cellulose, coconut shell and compacted peat (all biodegradable) that can be filled with the ashes of the departed person in question along with seed of your favorite plant. Now just bury the urn in the planting area and witness the green life protruding out in the form of a sapling that grows into a one fine tree, reminding you of the person you loved so much.

This eco friendly method of remembrance serves the dual purpose of keeping alive the memories of the departed soul and contributing to the worldwide effort to save Planet Earth. The urn is made of a material that initially provides the sapling with the required nourishment. Once the plant takes roots, it is strong enough to get its nourishment from the surrounding soil where the urn was planted. The urn can be used universally since the seed can be changed depending upon the climatic conditions of the place and the kind of vegetation the area supports.

This unique and cost-effective method of rejuvenating the concept of life after death has the potential to generate mass appeal. As one can simply fill the urn with ashes and send it across continents to the relatives of the dead, they can plant the urn in their backyards and see the sapling growing along with the pleasant feeling that the person you lost is back, though, in different form. {Via}