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Transmission report 17 B

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STATUS: Observation

INFILTRATION LEVEL: Electromagnetic wave interception of Species 34CJL3's broadcasts. Also, some field level biological samples taken. Preliminary reports confirm bi-pedal nature of dominant species and dimorphic sex differentiation.

PLANET REPORT: Body is orbiting a typical class G main sequence star at 1.2 quandraids. It is the third rocky body from the energy point and is primarily inhabited by species 34CJL3. Other species (particularly 36CJL5) are also well represented on the planet but these are largely self sufficient and completely unaware of the existence of Species 34CJL3. They are known as "ants" to Species 34CJL3. A large gas giant in their system has allowed long term stable ecology by gravitational suction of foreign bodies. Atmosphere of body is mainly Nitrogen. However, the specimens require oxygen. They are provided this by plentiful secondary organisms. Planet is in balance but specimen 34CJL3 is altering this. Typical planetary population reductions of Specimen due to over infestation apply.

STATUS: Specimen 34CJL3 is non cohesive. Their communication level is low. They use sound waves produced in a biological structure below the brain center to 'echo' through their dense atmosphere. Specialized structures on the side of their heads have evolved to receive these transmissions. The sounds produced are of typical 'language' types already encountered on many other worlds. The usual deficiencies are inherent. Misunderstanding abounds. Some specimens have shown the ability to commune beyond these sounds but these individuals are rare. Current studies indicate 96.2% of the specimens rely on their primitive communication system to 'commune' with each other. Obviously, communion, as we know it, rarely occurs between beings on this planet.

SURVIVAL ESTIMATION: This species is interesting. It is young. Transmission report 14 C reported the previous colonization of this planet as being mainly composed of small brained 'lizards'. Event 27BGE4 (check the records, typical asteroid collision) resulted in mass extinctions of cold blooded specimens. Warm blooded specimens proved survival ability. Bi-pedal social apes evolved from these lesser types. Ability to perceive gradually increased. After much repetition, Species 34CJL3 learned to pass on information gained from singular incarnations to those who came later in the time dilation. This allowed them cohesion. They quickly changed from hunter gathering to agriculture. They began to realize that they were on a 'planet'.
(Rapid increase in Specimen population was reported in 16 B).
As indicated in transmission report 17 A, Species 34CJL3 has currently mastered electromagnetic wave promulgation. They broadcast to each other by manipulating Spectrum 1 over airwaves in their atmosphere. They still use the 'language' created in the biological structures in their lower throat to communicate with each other however, severely limiting development. They manipulate each other using this. They have always done so but never on the grand scale they are now achieving. Unit boxes in their homes create the general consensus. Also, they have created a system of interrelation whereby individual 'worth' is directly related to worth in accumulating resources (See previous report on Species 15CJL2 on a similar planet 300 quandraids from here and how they disappeared by simple fission impacts because of this lack of communion). Many of the specimens look to each other in search of communion but the very language they have created to help themselves communicate, restricts them. An internal monologue creates fear, they forget that they are merely individual Specimens, that they are all one, together, and this blocks communion. Without communion, the long term survival of Species 34CJL3 is estimated at 2 - 3 chronocaps.

MISSION ESTIMATION: It is worth while for us to continue observation. Though body 678CGL is nearby and reports indicate that silicon based structures may have colonized that body, current communion on board our unit indicates a high level of interest in Species 34CJL3. We should like to extend our stay by .44. Though many other species we've observed have eradicated themselves in similar timeframes, we ask in Transmission Report 17 B if it is possible to extend our mission beyond the specified worm curve so that we can see how the fate of this species manages itself in the multiverse.
We must admit, we've grown fond of them.

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