Monday, October 31, 2011

"Finland alone - in danger of death, superb, sublime Finland! - shows what free men can do." ~ Winston Churchill, 1940

"The Fenni live in astonishing barbarism and disgusting misery: no arms, no horses, no household; wild plants for their food, skins for their clothing, the ground for their beds.." ~ Tacitus(c. 55-120) Germania
Anni, 17
"I shop second hand or make my clothes myself. Now I'm wearing a self-made beanie. I like to wear hats and socks on top of tights.
My big sister inspires my style. She has taught me to dress up in a more distinctive way.
I'm dreaming of a pair of mustard cord trousers."

"The Finns are accustomed to skiing as fast as they wish, so that it is said that now they are close by and soon again they are far away. As soon as they have inflicted damage on the enemy, they rush away as swiftly as they came." ~ Saxo Grammaticus Gesta Danorum - 13th century

Julius, 13, Josua, 13
"We dance hip hop and house. It inspires our style. We try not to dress up like all other boys. We shop at ordinary store like H&M, Weekday and Carlings."

"The Finn is the most watery person in Europe... Here people take baths that last three or four hours and steep their bodies in water right down to their most secret selves." ~ Angel Ganivet Cartas finlandesas 1896-97

Iris, 15
"I like dirty, torn and colourful clothes. I would like to look like a stylish street kid. I like men's style in the 19th hundred. I'm dreaming of a top hat. I hate sports shoes. My style idol is Full from Guniw Tools."

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"It is a circumstance not generally known, perhaps, that among seamen, Finns are regarded with peculiar superstition. For some reason or other which I could not get at, they are supposed to possess the gift of second sight, and the power to wreak supernatural vengeance upon those who offend them. On this account they have great influence among sailors." ~ Herman Melville - Omoo 1847

Teemu, 32
"I like to mix hip hop with gothic style. The black colour brings me back to my teen years.
I like Rick Owens, Julius and Jeremy Scott. At the moment I'm wearing a cap by New Era, a t-shirt from Bangkok, trousers by Chronicles of Never, Nike sneakers and a bag by JC de Castelbajac."

"The Finns also have a bent for drink, even though there is no wine here whatsoever, except for illicit tavern keeping, which is harshly suppressed. But, all the way to St. Petersburg, the Finn will drink himself into forgetfulness, lose his money, horse, bridle, and return home poorer than a church rat." ~ Mikhail Saltykov - ShchedrinLife's Little Things (Saltykov-Shchedrin visited Finland in 1886)

Samuli, 22 
"I wanted to wear a rain jacket to not look too fashionable as I was coming to see a fashion show. I like loafers and carrot-shaped trousers." 

"Finland is not the home of barbarians, as some folk imagine, neither do polar bears walk continually about the streets..." Mrs Alec TweedieThrough Finland in Carts - 1897

Joni, 19 
"I'm wearing a jacket and jeans from Cheap Monday, a Calvin Klein shirt and sandals by Ann Demeulemeester. The bag is from Zara. I like to mix designer pieces with second hand and high street. I like the colour black and Finnish design."

"It would be difficult to find a town (Helsinki) of 80.000 inhabitants in England so clean, so bright, with such museums, libraries, and public buildings. Even Bedford is not as educational as Helsingfors (Helsinki), nor is Brighton so well served with social amusements, concerts and theatres." ~ A.M.C. Clive-BaileyVignettes from Finland, or Twelve Months in Strawberry Land 1895

Jenni, 35 
"The necklace and the ear-rings are from my summer gTie collection. The t-shirt is from Carlings, the shorts are age-old and my favourite, the boots are second hand. The boots make me confident. My style is quite masculine. When I cut my hair short, I started to wear more jewellery. Black and grey are my colours. Balmain is my favourite fashion brand."

"Countries are like people: by their very existence they exalt or deflate the opinions one would like to have of oneself. When I return from Finland, I feel younger and livelier; I make great plans, I like many things in the world and, what is more, I like myself a little better." ~ Georges DuhamelChant du Nord - 1929

Sami, 33
"I'm wearing a hat from Butiken på landet, a Reiss shirt, my uncle's old jacket, Acne trousers and shoes by J. Lindeberg. The bow tie and the pocket square are made of Marimekko fabrics. Beam store and J.Lindeberg are my favourites. The hat and the bow tie are my trademarks, I guess."

"A nation which has fought so valiantly for its independence deserves respect." ~ Joseph Stalin, 1879-1953

Tarja, 31 
"I made my dress a couple of years ago, the sneakers are brand new. Normally I wear black. At the moment I like fun, easy clothes that bring me joy."

"The Finn has a fresh, unspoiled, primitive side that exists in close harmony with nature. He feels stirring in his blood a special kinship with the wilder variety of nature - with virgin forests, unproductive fells, and the animal life that haunts them... Wherever his foot wanders in the city, however far fortune lets him ascend the wheel, his roots remain deep in the soil." ~Hudson Strode - Finland Forever 1941

"The hat, the jacket, the shirt and the trousers are all Yohji Yamamoto. The boots are Red Wing Shoes. There is nothing more to say."

"The Finns are the most gifted of all people" ~ Sigrid Undset (1882-1949) in conversation.

Ana, 18 
"I'm wearing a second hand leather jacket, my sister's pullover and shoes from Urban Outfitters. My mother has made the bag and the camera is my grandfather's old. I like pullovers, down-to-earth colours and recycling centers. Old photos from the 60s, 70s and 80s inspire me."

"The Finnish people are so experienced in the shipwright´s craft that they can build vessels which are as strong and durable, yes, perhaps even better than those which I have seen built by the Venetians with their brilliant gifts in this field." ~ Olaus Magnus - Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus 1555

Veera, 24 
"I avoid buying new clothes."
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