Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ballin' The Jack

Here is an early recording by Kid Ory on Exner label 78 rpm record. Kid Ory was popular in the late 'teens until the depression, then work was scarce for dixieland jazz players. He worked on his brothers chicken farm until the 1940's, then things picked up for him again in the music business. Some of his first recordings of that period were on Exner label records. This song was recorded Feb, 1945. Enjoy!

First you put your two knees close up tight / Then you sway 'em to the left / then you sway 'em to the right / Step around the floor kind of nice and light / Then you twis' around and twis' around with all your might / Stretch your lovin' arms straight out in space / Then do the Eagle Rock with style and grace / Swing your foot way 'round then bring it back / Now that's what I call "Ballin' the Jack.

Danny Kaye - Ballin' The Jack Brenda Lee - Ballin' the Jack 
For her first album, Brenda Lee recorded this and 11 other songs on the same day. The date was 26 January 1959 and only six weeks past her 14th birthday.