Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Not Lameduck, Will Stay the Course: PM" FML

"Yesterday the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan 'Ali Baba' Singh interacted with TV editors in New Delhi.

Here are some comments from Indian online news websites.

bagra pale aaja aaja

' Of course he does not want to quit as MM Singh has become quite attached to his position and must have received kickbacks from all these scams. He needs his power to destroy the evidence of all these scams. The guy has not even won election's nor gotten elected for god's sake so we have a dictator thrust upon us by Sonia. Why do we bother calling ourselves a democracy where we the people enrich the politicians. Abolish the Rajya Sabha and the Legislative Councils in all states. This is a sad day in democracy as I have lost all faith in MM Singh who I thought to be a fair person than most. A person who tolerates corruption in his government is no better than the culprit.'

Sridhar (Hyderabad)  Economic Times


'The speech and interaction with editors and journalists was that of a typical crooked demoagogue politician, without any substance.Just promises,denials and hollow words! Dr PM Singh is either totally corrupt or part of the Looting Gang!Just HOLLOW and SHALLOW  WORDS from a Sonia Maino slave and robot! Just watch how slavish were all the journalists and editors in that meeting.'

India has become the best democracy the money can buy by the business conmen like Tata, Mittal, Goenka, Birla etc using A Raja, Manmohan Singh type corrupt politicians. Manmohan Singh is a figurehead Prime Minister and the show is run by the Italian plant Sonia who is looting India. This idiot PM is now comparing the prices of spectrum to the subsidies given to the other sectors and shows his attempt to cover up the loot by Sonia of Rs36000 crore and A Raja's 3000 crore loot as well as the loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore for the government from the 2G scam. George W. Bush in 1988 asked Argentina to give the gas pipeline in Argentina to Enron. The offer was really creepy as Enron was offering to pay one-fifth of the world's price for the Argentina gas. When Argentina asked as to how can Enron make such an abusive offer the answer from Bush was that if Enron pay one fifth the market value then it leaves quit a bit for Argentina's top politicians in their Swiss bank accounts. The same George W. Bush said that he didn't get to know Ken Lay of Enron until 1994. This is how Manmohan is talking about the 2G and S spectrum scams. Similar examples are plenty. Citibank grabbed half the Argentine banks in this manner. British Petroleum grabbing pipelines in Ecuador is another one. In India Enron decided a power plant site by flying in a helicopter for the Dhabol power plant and the Swiss account of Pawar had gone up. In a similar fashion India's Devas Multimedia contract was done.'
'Prime Minister Manmohan Singh looked pathetic on the TVscreen. looked as if he will break down any moment. He smiled a little only when one of the journalists put a question on Cricket World Cup.
He conceded that he had to compromise to run a coalition government. Is it a worthwhile explaination for allowing this scale of corruption? Allright, you had to compromise with DMK re:2G, what about CWG?There it was not a question of coalition politics? Kalmadi was no DMK man?What about Adarsh Housing? The CMs there in Maharastra were all your Partymen!What about the latest scam--Antrix-Devas deal? It looks like an international
scam! No, Mr.Prime Minister, this explaination is not adequate.You have to go deep.
Coalition is not the end, it is only a means.Let us not mix up the two. Even in coalitions, one must have a border line.
You tried to strech it too much. You lost your credibility and that of the govt.
Did you, Mr. Prime Minister, stop for a moment during this period of the UPA II tenure and compare this period with that of the UPA I? Why was it not so scam-ridden?
Please do it, Mr PM. May be it will help you and the country?
There is one coalition government in one of the States of our country, West Bengal and it has been running for the last 34 + years. Yes, it is small compared to the country, yet it is a govt. running under the same Constitution. It did not face this kind of allegations, or else you would have simply got it dismissed outright under the President's Special Powers! How could they do it? Spare a little time and think, in the interest of the country. It wil do you good if you do it dispassionately, unbiasedly.Just remember that the people of that State have voted the same coalition SEVEN TIMES DURING THE LAST THIRTY FOUR YEARS IN ELECTIONS CONDUCTED UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE COUNTRY'S ELECTION COMMISSION! AND MOST PROBABLY, GOING TO VOTE IT FOR THE EIGHTH TIME !! WHY?
Here again, you and the UPA II is stretching the limits in the name of coalitiosn politics, which is harmful not only to coalition politics, BUT TO THE INTERNAL SECURITY OF THE COUNTRY. YOU AND YOUR GOVERNMENT ARE ALLOWING MAMATA BANERJEE TO PLAY DIRTY AND DAMAGING ( FOR THE COUNTRY )POLITICS ONLY TO SAVE YOUR gaddi .YOU ARE ALLOWING MAMATA AND THE MAOISTS TO PLAY POLITICS IN WEST BENGAL AND HOPE THAT IT WILL HELP YOU TO WIN THE ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS IN THAT STATE. Please, Mr.Manmohan Singh, let us not forget even for a moment that the country is above such narrow political gains. I am sure, you are , unlike Mamata, sober, coolheaded and not driven by personal ambition.Please refrain from this dangerous ride on a tiger, for the sake of the country.

'The evening headlines
1. PM ka BJP ko karara zhataka,
2. PM's shows strong determination to deal with Opposition and Corruption
3. PM dares opposition,
4. PM roars ..... (mewwwwwwww)
5. PM shows solid character
6. PM dares BJP to discuss decision taken in NDA regime
7. PM determined to go to the root of corruption ... "Anyway every morning he chant these slogans and goes back to sleep"